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FMI has performed alongside numerous joint venture project partners and sales agencies throughout the development of overseas property development projects. Developers across the globe continue to appoint FMI as their preferred partner or agent to market their products overseas. With our strategic marketing tactics and our access to an extensive list of promotional channels, we are able to distribute products into different cities through the adoption of many unique and efficient platforms to further expand companies' Asian market.

The volume of speculative or hot money circulating within the global economy has been on the rise as central banks around the world are rolling out accommodative monetary policies to stimulate their economies. Investors are turning their attention to all kinds of investments to look for better returns given the low interest rates at banks. Long considered a traditional and safe means of investing, real estate investments are heating up again around the world in recent years.

Under the current macro-economic environment, investors are eying property markets across the world, in particular, has come under the focus of many investors who are looking for opportunities to invest in international properties. We are a comprehensive property developer providing a host of first-class services to our customers. Our Hong Kong office is one of the leading real estate service provider of international properties in Hong Kong. From flat inspection and price negotiation to the signing of contract and delivery, we closely follow the entire process to ensure a smooth transaction for both buyers and sellers.

We are dedicated to introducing our property projects and units to overseas customers. With our unique “360° integrated Services of Planning, Selling & Managing”, we are well-positioned to lead the market as a premium international property developer for overseas buyers.

PRODUCTS – Evaluation by our specialist team of Product Development with respect to meeting specific local demands and collaboration with esteemed real estate developers in introducing corresponding development projects.

DUE DILIGENCE – We are committed to ensuring, by means of the most thorough investigation and verification, the highest degree of accuracy and reliability in information provided to our clients.

MARKET RESEARCH – Proper utilization of market information compiled by research specialists is paramount in exploiting potentially rewarding investment opportunities. Our research department produces industry leading reports and statistics to assist our clients.

LAUNCH – Following through from the early stages of land procurement, our dedicated residential and commercial teams of specialist personnel adopt an integrated approach – from initial formation of marketing concept, promotion strategy to pricing strategy – to meeting specific needs of our clients. Our marketing proficiency gained from years of real estate experience has equipped us to deliver ingenuity and productive results in our appointed projects.

SALES – FM Investment people are selected from the most talented investment specialists with long term high worth clientele relationship. Meanwhile, our seminars and events provide first time property buyers with comprehensive investment intelligence and consultancy.